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  • How much does an MP guitar cost?
    The prices for our guitars can vary based on the model, specs, choices of wood and finishes. More info about the base specs for each model can be found on our models page.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yep! The cost for international shipping can vary depending on where the guitar is going. Contact us to get a general idea on cost based on your location.
  • Shipping insurance?
    All shipments are fully insured and protected. Shipments are also well packed with relatively minimal risk to damage. Please check the package in front of the carrier so if something is wrong it will be easier to take care of it.
  • Other fees?
    TAX, VAT, and Customs fees that may apply in your country, are your responsibility and should be paid by you.
  • How long does the build process take?
    Usually, there is a 6 month build time. This time can vary based on the complexity of the build. We will keep you up to date throughout the process, answering questions and providing pictures.
  • I want different specs, is this possible?"
    Yes. Fill out the build form first. This will show you all the typical areas of modification. You can specify minor alterations as well and we will respond with an accurate build cost. Looking for something truly unique? Feel free to drop us a message and we can open up a Custom slot for you. Custom slots have a lot of flexibility and we work closely with you to realize your dream instrument.
  • Do you have endorsement deals?
    Yes! Motherplucker guitars are all handmade and have a lot of work hours invested in them. Because of this, we usually cannot afford to give away free guitars. However, we have several discount options for artists. Send us a message with your information and we’ll do our best to review it as soon as possible.
  • How do I pay for a guitar?
    Simply fill out the build form and submit it, after I review your preferences, I will confirm your order and send you a PayPal invoice for 50% of the total. This is your down payment. Once your build is completed and ready for shipment, I will send you a PayPal request for the remaining 50% + any shipping fees.
  • What happens if I regret and want to cancel my order?
    If you want to cancel, you have one week after paying the down payment, if you passed that week, your down payment will be lost along with the woods and materials we harvest for it.
  • Do you make bass guitars?
    Absolutely! Some of my favorite and most inspired builds have been basses.
  • Designs?
    All of our designs are created by us. A lot of love and work went into creating our models. As such, we are always working to improve and develop our designs. Occasionally we make minor tweaks to our models that improve the instruments overall aesthetic and playability. Don’t worry, its all to create a better instrument.
  • Do you offer multi-scale?
  • What is a multiscale guitar?
    Multiscale exists to address a common issue that occurs when extending a guitar’s range. Adding lower range to a standard scale length results in floppy strings. A longer scale allows for the string to be tuned the same, but still maintain better tension. Multiscale is simply having a longer scale length on the bass side, and a shorter scale length on the treble side. This keeps the tension even across the strings and there is no floppiness in your playing; no muddy sounds when tuning low. Many people also find it really comfortable to play on as well.
  • What is “The Family”?
    We put a lot into building these guitars and growing this business. All of it is only possible because customers like you take the plunge and order an MP guitar. We are always grateful for this support. So… ordering a build from us makes you part of the MP family. Early adopters of the MP brand are taken care of. This may mean you get discount on your builds, extra MP merch, additional design work or discounted add-ons. While this isnt concrete, we try our best to take care of customers who support us and return for more.
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