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Marie is our flagship headless model. It's a semi-hollow, ergonomic, headless guitar made from sustainable bamboo. Its a spaceship of a guitar that makes its own statement. Its light, comfortable and balances right where you need it to.

Base Specs

  • Strings:  6

  • Scale:  26.5

  • Pickguard:  White

  • Harware:  T4M - Chrome

  • Body Wood:  Bamboo

  • Finish:  Solid Color - Flat

  • Leg Support:  White Powder Coat

  • Neck Wood:  Hard Maple

  • Fingerboard:  Pau Ferro

  • Fingerboard Radius:  20”

  • Neck Support:  Truss Rod + CF Rods

  • Fret Markers:  White Dot

  • Side Dot Markers:  White Dot

  • Nut:  Bleached Bone

  • Neck Finish:  Matte Clear

  • Frets:  Jumbo

  • Pickups:  Lace Alumitones

  • Pickup Selector:  3 Pos Slide Switch

  • Controls:  Master Vol + Master Tone

  • Jack Type:  Single - Barrel Jack

Red Mockup.jpg

The Heel

Our Maries utilize an offset heel construction. Because of this, the heel is virtually non-existent. This means that nothing interferes with your fretting hand while you play all the way up the neck. This neck construction also utilizes more bolts and a body that reaches further up the neck. Both of these allow for better transfer of vibrations and increase the instruments overall sustain.


The Head

Some headless guitars have the unfortunate reality that they can't be hung on traditional wall hangers. Not so for this one. Thanks to the hole, the Marie can be hung on most standard wall hangers whilst maintaining very minimal forward weight.


The Marie has a wealth of design features that help to create it's unique look, as well as its ease of play.


The sound-hole for this semi-hollow design is placed high on the body to help the player hear the instrument's acoustic sound. It's knobs are unique bullet domes that have a pleasant tactile feel. There is also a deep arm cut to really allow for a comfortably placed picking hand.

The lower portion has a cutaway to allow for a more upright or clasical playing position and the custom metal leg rest allows for a more traditional position. The legrest is also durable with a powdercoat finish.



Our base Maries are all finished in a totally flat (matte) finish. Not only does this finish make a visual statement and add to the Marie's charm, but it also feels nice and its flat aesthetic helps to highlight the organic carve of the body. The entire face and back has a sublte convex curve, and the edges are deeply rounded by hand to help the instrument to sit comfortably against the players body.


The Color

The flat, bright color contrasted by the clean white hardware is a big part of the Marie's style. It is also a chance for the player to  express themselves. When you order a Marie, you pick the color that best represent you.

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