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Annabelle is our T-style inspired offering. Its basically traditional meets modern. We here at MP guitars love a retro-futuristc vibe, so this one is available in a host of classic bursts and bound finishes to further draw upon the aesthetics of the past but in a slightly more modern vessel.

Base Specs

  • Strings:  6

  • Scale:  25.5

  • Pickguard:  White

  • Harware:  Hipshot Fixed bridge

  • Body Wood:  Ash

  • Finish:  High Gloss Clear

  • Neck Wood:  Hard Maple

  • Fingerboard:  Pau Ferro

  • Fingerboard Radius:  12”

  • Neck Support:  Truss Rod + CF Rods

  • Fret Markers:  White Dot

  • Side Dot Markers:  White Dot

  • Nut:  Bleached Bone

  • Neck Finish:  High Gloss Clear

  • Frets:  Jumbo

  • Pickups:  Lipstick Tubes

  • Pickup Selector:  3 Pos Toggle Switch

  • Controls:  Master Vol + Master Tone

  • Jack Type:  Single - T-Style Cover

Logoless 17.jpg

The Back

While this guitar is influenced from the T-Style greats of the past (which are typically fairly minimal with regard to carving) the Annabelle puts an emphasis on comfort where it matters; the back! Maybe one of the more important aspects ergonomically speaking, the back is where the guitar meets the player. So the Annabelle is shaved where needed for comfortable play.


The FInish

Annabelles are available in many classic color schemes; butterscotch Blondes, sunbursts, solid retro colors or even metallic flakes.

While the marbleized, red metallic, candy finish above isn't a base spec option, its certainly possible with the Annabelle.


Annabelle is an homage to the T-style guitars so many guitarists know and love but with a modern spin. The curves and lines are familar but still have their own character. A touch of angular and modern with the classic flare. The rear cut away also allows for this guitar to sit comfortably in a classical, or more upright playing position. 


The Cut

The Annabelle being a beast of its own, the body's lower cut is extended and deeply carved on the rear side to provide ample upper fret access should you need it.

Logoless 9.jpg

The head

The headstock of the Annabelle is sleek and minimal. It has a nice appeal without adding any unnecessary mass and tipping the balance point forward while playing. It can be color matched to your desired body finish and it is also adaptable for larger string counts.

Logoless 3.jpg
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